Triangle Pump Components, Inc. (TPCI) is proud to offer a diverse selection of reciprocating pump valves and components, including our versatile Durabla® Model V7FD valve. With the same reliability and long service life as the V7F, the V7FD features special design elements for increased resilience.

The V7FD model has a taller profile than other Durabla® valves; this provides ample lift and a fluid spill area, while the valve’s heavier spring allows for a tight, leak-free seal. The main difference between the V7F and the V7FD is the Delrin disc.

Used in place of a traditional metal formed piece, the durable design of the Delrin disc contributes to “zero wear,” as the incremental plastic deformations that occur with initial use diminish over time, eventually allowing for complete elastic contact. The V7FD retains its long operating life even when subjected to regular, rigorous use and with durability built into its design, this valve is suitable for handling high liquid volumes for a wide range of industries, from oil and gas to food processing.

We carry V7FD models in various sizes from industry-leading brands such as:

  • Wheatley — Manufacturer of duplex, triplex, and quintuplex reciprocating plunger and piston pumps
  • Gaso — High end duplex and triplex pumps available in remanufactured models for cost-efficiency
  • National Oilwell Varco — Reliable centrifugal pump line for handling abrasive and corrosive fluids, available in a wide range of flow rates


For over 100 years, TPCI has proudly manufactured high quality pump products, including a variety of reciprocal valves, plungers, extension rods, and packing. For more information on the Durabla® Model V7FD Pump Valve or to learn more about our diverse product offerings, contact us today.

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