Oil and gas is one of the largest markets served here at Triangle Pump Components, Inc. For 100 years, our products have been used for various industry applications, including disposal, offshore oil, production, injection, feed, charge, steam generators, mainline, and field gathering.

pump-jack-oil-field-1During oil extraction and processing, high-pressure reciprocating plunger pumps use suction to draw liquid into a chamber and push it out in another direction.

The nature of this process requires that our pump valves are extremely durable and capable of high pressures and flow rates while ensuring a tight, leak-free seal, as petrochemicals can be thick, corrosive, and toxic.

Depending on the fluid pumped, we also offer a variety of stainless steel and oil pump valve solutions, as well as plungers, extension rods, plunger packing, and stuffing box components.

We offer the following products for the oil industry:

  • Durabla® Model V7 Pump Valve – Lightweight, durable, and capable of operating at high pressures and speeds.
  • Durabla® Model V7H Pump Valve – Designed for low net positive suction head (NPSH) when plunger pumps lack incoming fluid on the suction side.
  • Durabla® Model V7F Pump Valve – A taller valve model to accommodate higher fluid volumes.
  • Durabla® Model V7FD Pump Valve – The V7F model with a Delrin® disc in place of metal.
  • PlenaFlow Plate Valve – Double-sprung stem guided valve available with a Delrin®, stainless steel, or titanium plate.
  • Resista® Abrasion Resistant (AR) Valve – A perfect match for harsh environments, these valves are designed to endure high pressures, abrasives, and the heaviest wear.
  • Fortis MC Plungers – Available in metal or ceramic material and able to withstand both high and low liquid volumes.
  • DynaRod® Extension Rods (Pony Rods) – Machined to match, either threaded or clamped for existing plungers; coated to enhance performance and durability.

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