Triangle Pump Components Inc. (TPCI), has maintained a tradition of quality for over 100 years by manufacturing efficient, long-lasting, and dependable pump products.

Over the years, our offering has expanded beyond valve discs to include plungers, additional valve models, and many other components.

Triangle Pump Components Inc. offers a variety of pump expendables with this same design concept in mind. The main wear areas such as valve sleeves and discs are designed to be the least expensive replacement parts.

TPCI Mission Statement

The mission of Triangle Pump Components Inc. is to manufacture the best, most durable pump valvesplungerspacking and stuffing box components and to provide the best pump component solutions to global pump users. Since 1919, TPCI has empowered its employees to produce the highest quality pump components and to deliver confidence to their customers through long-term relationship development. If a pump component is durable, of high quality, and made with integrity, it is a Triangle product.

TPCI Company Vision

TPCI believes our company became and will remain the pump components industry leader because we do what is right instead of what is easy. We are dedicated to fostering strong customer relationships by ensuring the highest level of quality and integrity in our products and services. We care about our customers and their businesses, and we will support them by providing superior, durable products at affordable prices.

Company Values

At TPCI, our shared values RISE us above others:

  • Teamwork – We have a culturally diverse and collaborative workforce with a shared vision.
  • Persistence – Our employees have manufactured superior products for over 100 years.
  • Confidence – Our employees ensure that the Triangle products they manufacture are of the highest quality.
  • Innovation – We consistently embrace new technology and better business practices.
  • Respect – We treat our employees and customers with dignity and kindness.
  • Integrity – Our employees are empowered to maintain the highest ethical, moral and professional standards, doing what is right and not always necessarily what is easy.
  • Service – We take pride in building trusting relationships and meeting the diverse needs of our customers.
  • Excellence – Our employees perform their duties with a positive, proactive, and motivated mindset.

No matter where you’re located, partnering with TPCI allows for significant cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Products are manufactured by Triangle Pump Components Inc. certified to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) by PJR.

To manage inventory costs, TPCI only keeps the products that our customers regularly purchase readily in stock. This inventory is pulled, shipped, and generally received within a few days. Delivery times for new purchase orders vary depending on the requested materials and necessary manufacturing specifications.

At TPCI, we work hard to ensure our customers receive long-lasting, efficient, and reliable products at a reasonable cost. Businesses that have used TPCI products in the past find they are more durable, reliable, and of higher quality than those of our competitors. Not only that, but they also find the members of the Triangle team easy to communicate and work with. Simply put, our customers trust us.

For more information about how Triangle Pump Components can help you customize the right solution that fits your specific application