Durabla® Valve Maintenance

Durabla® Valve Maintenance

Long service life is built into Durabla® pump valve design. However, the actual operating life hinges upon routine service and care given to your valve.

Just like every other part of the pump, Durabla® valve units should receive periodic inspection. Repairing or replacing even the least expensive components when necessary will yield overall costs savings and prolong the service life of your system.

If inspection shows signs of wear, the proper maintenance will likely include replacement of the valve disc, spring, sleeve, and locknut. We recommend that you reface the seat so that no ridges exist at either the inner or outer edges of the valve seating surface.

When reinstalling the seat, it is important to take the same amount of care outlined in our Durabla® valve installation instructions for new units. Studs and locknuts should be torqued according to the table below.

Torque Guide

Stud/Bolt DiameterStud/Bolt Torque Foot PoundsLocknut Torque Foot Pounds

For more information about the proper care and maintenance of your Durabla® pump valve, please contact us.

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