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The Leading Manufacturer of Reciprocating Pump Valves, Plungers, Packing & Stuffing Components

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About Triangle Pump Components Reciprocating Pump Expendables:

A reputation for efficiency, long service life, and dependability. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining that tradition. Triangle Pump Components uses state-of-the-art computer programs including a comprehensive finite element analysis package.


Triangle Pump Components offers a broad selection of reciprocating pump valves, plungers,
and components built specifically to withstand harsh, demanding applications.


At Triangle Pump Components Inc., we have over 100 years of experience and expertise to solve any reciprocating pump problem.
For more information about our diverse product offering or how we can work together in the future contact us today.

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Triangle Pump Product Catalog

The Triangle Pump Product Catalog is a must-have resource. The catalog is a quick reference guide, making it easy to find the part you need fast.

  • Find the specific valve needed for your pump
  • View pump valve components’ part numbers for fast ordering
  • Easy to use reference when searching for specific valves and parts
Product Catalog | Triangle Pump Components

Download Our Field Formulas Card

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Triangle Pump Components' Handy Field Formulas Card

Your Engineers may need to do some quick calculations on-the-go. This handy formulas card is a quick reference containing key equations for pump valve calculations.

  • Contains equations pertaining to plunger velocity and lift
  • Printer-friendly and intuitive layout