PlenaFlow® Plate Valve Components

In order to optimize efficiency and prolong the service life of your PlenaFlow® plate valve, it’s important to understand the individual components within the valve. This knowledge will better inform your decision-making when it comes to routine maintenance checks and repairing or replacing parts.

PlenaFlow® Plate Valve Components

The main components found in every Triangle Pump Components PlenaFlow® plate valve include:

  • Retainer: The Triangle plate valve uses a one-piece stainless steel retainer that houses one or two springs.
  • Bolt: Plate valves contain either a 316 Stainless Steel or Monel bolt with a nylon thread locking insert.
  • Sleeve: The sleeve on the plate valve involves a simple, one-piece assembly with the retainer.
  • Springs: Each Triangle plate valve comes equipped with two springs made of Inconel, unless otherwise specified.
  • Valve Plates: Plate valves contain either a Delrin®, Sustakon®, or titanium plate. To maintain unit efficiency, it’s important to ensure prompt, tight plate closure.
  • Valve Seat: Designed to maximize service life and optimize flow characteristics in the port area, the seat is available in various metallurgies and is carefully machined to support the valve disc. Where applicable, the outside diameter is machined for press or screw fit for easy installation in the specified pump port. Some seats may be supplied rough as cast for machining by the user as well.

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