Since 1919, Triangle Pump Components Inc. (Triangle®) has built a reputation for manufacturing efficient, long-lasting, and dependable pump products.

While our company got its start making industrial products for railroads and powerhouses, we were soon asked to design and manufacture a more durable, efficient valve disc to withstand the pressure of steam pumps.

Since that time, Triangle®’s product line has expanded to include a diverse range of plungers, valves, and other pump components. Our products are used in a wide variety of processing industries such as oil production and refining, chemical, metals, food processing, high pressure water blast, and sewer cleaning, to name a few.

TPCI Manufactures Expendables to Fit the Following Pump Brands:

Historical Pump Valve Applications

Triangle Pump Components proudly holds multiple industry-leading patents and has contributed durable components to the following historically significant pump valve applications:

  • Nelseco Diesel
  • High Vacuum Service
  • Kahlenberg Diesel Engine
  • Gorman Rupp® High Pressure Triplex Road Pump
  • Dean Brothers® Oil Bath Pump
  • National Transit Double Acting Duplex Pump
  • Diesel Cooling and Oil Service
  • GASO® Pumps
  • Darling Brothers Limited of Montreal, Canada
  • Volatile Liquids and Light Hydrocarbons
  • Cooper Bessemer™ LS Diesel Engine
  • Atlas Imperial Diesel Engines
  • Union Diesel Engines of the 4 Cycle
  • Warren Steam Pump Company®

At Triangle Pump Components Inc., we have over 100 years of experience and expertise to solve any reciprocating pump problem.

For more information about our diverse product offering or how we can work together in the future contact us today.