International Partnerships


In today’s increasingly global economy, companies of all types and sizes are beginning to realize the benefits of expanding into foreign markets; this expansion is essential for ensuring continual growth in a constantly shifting landscape.

As a leading manufacturer of reciprocating pump valves, plungers, and packing and stuffing components, Triangle Pump Components Inc. takes pride in our international presence, helping companies across the globe with their unique valve requirements.

Partnering With Triangle Pump Components

With years of experience catering to global clients, Triangle Pump Components can ship our pump valves, plungers, and other pump parts internationally — at highly competitive speeds and prices. Dedicated to constant innovation and improvement, we strive to offer the best value for all of our customers, including those overseas.

No matter where you’re located, partnering with Triangle Pump Components allows for significant cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Products are manufactured by Triangle Pump Components Inc. certified to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) by PJR.

Offering unmatched durability, our products, such as our Durabla® Valves, are designed for long life spans even in the most demanding applications. Offered in four different models, these valves are used across various industries to pump wastewater, hydraulic fluid, ammonia, sulfuric acid, steam, gasoline, and other harsh materials. Specifically designed for severe operating conditions, Durabla® valves require very little labor and upkeep aside from normal maintenance procedures. This allows for easy, cost-efficient valve replacement and ensures costs are kept to a minimum for all of our clients, international or otherwise.

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Triangle Pump Components has the technical expertise and experience necessary to help customers address all types of pump component needs, no matter what the specific application or industry. Offering highly durable, long-lasting products, we’re proud to provide cost-effective, reliable solutions for our clients around the globe.

To learn more about our valve product offerings, discuss the benefits of globalization, or learn how we can help with your international operations