Durabla Valves

Durabla® Valves

Triangle Pump Components Incorporated offers four different variations of the Durabla® pump valve. Please click the links below to learn more about each version of the Durabla® valve offered by Triangle Pump Components Incorporated.

Model V7

Model V7H (LOW NPSH)

Durabla® Model V7H (LOW NPSH) Pump Valve

Model V7F & V7FD


Durabla® Valve Technical Specifications

Triangle Pump Components’ historic Durabla® valve is unmatched in quality and durability for high intensity applications across industries. Whether you are pumping ground water, steam, hydraulic fluid, ammonia, gasoline, sulfuric acid, the Durabla® valve is built to last in the most rigorous conditions.

The Durabla® family includes four different reciprocating pump valve varieties, each available in a number of sizes, and able to withstand pressures ranging from 50 – 6500 psi.

Our models include:

Model V7 – Commonly used in steam pump applications

Model V7H – Ideal for low net positive suction head applications

Model V7F – Built to accommodate higher volumes of liquid

Model V7FD – Identical to the V7F, but with a Delrin® disc in place of the traditional metal formed disc

To ensure that you choose the right pump valve to support your equipment’s functionality, visit our page below.

The valves, seats and seals of the Durabla® valve are composed of several materials:

Duplex 2205 (valve seat)

17-4 stainless steel (+ castings and heat treatment)

316 stainless steel (+castings)

17-7 stainless steel (disc)

Hardfacing stellite weld cobalt 6



Delrin® (V7FD only)


At Triangle Pump Components, we handle high and low volume orders, prototyping, and specialty production.

Products are manufactured by Triangle Pump Components Inc. certified to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) by PJR.

For more information regarding our Durabla® pump valves please contact us today.