Durabla® Model V7F Pump Valve

Durabla® Model V7F Pump Valve

One of our many versatile valve offerings, the Durabla® V7F Pump Valve is a variation of the Durabla® family. It incorporates all of the basic features of the V7H, such as durability and a long operational life cycle, as well as a few additional design elements to accommodate higher volumes of liquid found in some reciprocating pump systems.

Durabla® Model V7F Pump Valve

Model V7F

The taller profile of the V7F provides good lift and a spill area for fluid. Its heavier spring provides a prompt valve closure to seal off the flow. In place of the traditional metal formed disc, the V7F is available with an optional Delrin® Disc (Durabla® Model V7FD) – scroll to view >>>.

While efficiency and resilience are built into the design of our Durabla® valves, performing proper installation as well as routine maintenance checks will ensure that your pump valve runs as good as new for many years to come.

Durabla® Model V7F Pump Valve

Model V7FD

Durabla® Model V7FD Pump Valve

Triangle Pump Components, Inc. (TPCI) is proud to offer a diverse selection of reciprocating pump valves and components, including our versatile Durabla® Model V7FD valve. With the same reliability and long service life as the V7F, the V7FD features special design elements for increased resilience.

The V7FD model has a taller profile than other Durabla® valves; this provides ample lift and a fluid spill area, while the valve’s heavier spring allows for a tight, leak-free seal. The main difference between the V7F and the V7FD is the Delrin® disc.

Used in place of a traditional metal formed piece, the durable design of the Delrin® disc contributes to “zero wear,” as the incremental plastic deformations that occur with initial use diminish over time, eventually allowing for complete elastic contact. The V7FD retains its long operating life even when subjected to regular, rigorous use and with durability built into its design, this valve is suitable for handling high liquid volumes for a wide range of industries, from oil and gas to food processing.

We carry V7F and V7FD models in various sizes from industry-leading brands such as:

Wheatley — Manufacturer of duplex, triplex, and quintuplex reciprocating plunger and piston pumps

Gaso — High end duplex and triplex pumps available in remanufactured models for cost-efficiency

National Oilwell Varco — Reliable reciprocating pump line for handling abrasive and corrosive fluids, available in a wide range of flow rates

Durabla® V7F & V7FD Valve Part Numbers

Gardner Denver

Gardner DenverValve SizeS/DDurabla®
V7F Valve Units
Durabla® V7FD Valve UnitsSeries
PQ-2A, PS25A, PG-3, PW-3H, PW-3A TQC, GD45T, TQW225S/DV1421102V14821025
PS-25C, G, H, PW-3D, E, F, BLOCK F.E.150SV1421101V14821012
PS-25C, G, H, PW-3D, E, F, BLOCK F.E.225DV1421102V14821025
TA-3B, C, BLOCK F.E.150SV1421103V14821032
TA-3B, C, BLOCK F.E.225DV1421104V14821045
TA-5H, J, TA-4B,C, F, G, BLOCK F.E., GD180M225SV1421104V14821045
TA-5H, J, TA-4B,C, F, G, BLOCK F.E., GD180M225DV1421106V148210655
TA5-B, G, TA4-A, E, TA3-A, TAE-BCB, GD100, GD180L300SV1421109V148210989
TA5-B, G, TA4-A, E, TA3-A, TAE-BCB, GD100, GD180L350DV1421110V148211081
TA-5A, F, TFE, GD-200-T, F, TAEF, TDEA, TFEA, TAEBAA, T200L, GD250T400SV1421112V148211210
TA-5A, F, TFE, GD-200-T, F, TAEF, TDEA, TFEA, TAEBAA, T200L, GD250T400DV1421113V148211311
PE5-Q, R, W, X, PT-4J, K, PX-5D, E, PE-5AA, BLOCK F.E., TEE-BFA225SV1421102V14821025
PE5-Q, R, W, X, PT-4J, K, PX-5D, E, PE-5AA, BLOCK F.E., TEE-BFA225DV1421105V148210555
PQ-2B, PS-25F, PQ-2D, PS-WK, TQWABB225SV1421107V14821076
PQ-2B, PS-25F, PQ-2D, PS-WK, TQWABB225DV1421106V148210666
PA-8N, PE-5E, J, U, PX-5A, PAHAA, PA-8A, R, S, U, PE-5C375S/DV1421111V148211110
PT4-A, L, PX5-B, PE5D, F, G, H, K, L, T, V, Y, Z, TEE-BGB300S/DV1421108V148210889
TEE-BAA, TEE-BFB, TEE-BJB (TEE w/maximum flow uses350S/DV1421115V148211598
PA-8W, PA-8X, PAHAB, PAHAC300SV1421116V148211689
PA-8W, PA-8X, PAHAB, PAHAC325DV1421117V148211781
LF5, FFFXF, Duplex350S/DV1421118V148211898
FCFXX, FCFXD, FCFJ, FCFC, Duplex375S/DV1421803V14828039
FGFXG, FDFXX, FDFXD, FDFS, FDFJ, Duplex400S/DV1421119V148211910
FXFXZ, FYFXX, FYFXD, FYFS, Duplex550S/DV1421120V148212021
QAFB & QAFBBA275S/DV1421114V148211438
QAFC & QAFBCA225S/DV1421121V148212136
QAFC & QAFBCA400S/DV1421122V148212243
GD-135, QBX, QBXA, TDDB, GD135QLP225SV1421123V14821237
GD-135, QBX, QBXA, TDDB, GD135QLP225DV1421124V14821247


GasoValve SizeS/DDurabla® V7F Valve UnitsDurabla® V7FD Valve UnitsSeries
3211, 3364, 3364-F, 2321 55T-3M175SV1521101V15821013
3211, 3364, 3364-F, 2321 55T-3M200DV1521103V15821035
3364 (Same size suction & discharge) 55T-3L200S/DV1521103V15821035
5350-M, 5698-M, 2913-M, 3113-M, 3088-M/MS, 2888-M225SV1521104V15821045
5350-M, 5698-M, 2913-M, 3113-M, 3088-M/MS, 2888-M225DV1521105V158210550
5350-L, 3113-L, 3088-L, 2913-L, 2888-L, 5698-L300SV1521109V158210989
5350-L, 3113-L, 3088-L, 2913-L, 2888-L, 5698-L300DV1521110V158211080
3467, 3580275S/DV1521108V15821087
3580 (Old Style) Ser. #32492 & Down225S/DV1521106V15821066
3466, 3581, 3868, 3968350S/DV1521112V158211298
3582, 3969, 3670, 3869 (Serial #33036 & Down)400S/DV1521117V158211710
3583, 3774, 5884, Q-350-2, Q350-5H T200-2225S/DV1521107V158210736
3671, 3673, 5885WS, 3776WS, 3673WS400S/DV1521119V158211910
3672, 3670 (Serial #33037 & Up)300S/DV1521109V158210989
3775, 5885, T-450-3,Q-350-3, 350Q-5M, T200-3, T250-M350SV1521112V158211298
3775, 5885, T-450-3,Q-350-3, 350Q-5M, T200-3, T250-M350DV1521113V158211390
3776, 5886, Q350-4, 350Q-5L, T200-4, T250-L400SV1521119V158211910
3776, 5886, Q350-4, 350Q-5L, T200-4, T250-L400DV1521120V158212011
601, 602 Simplex250S/DV1521130V15821306
1507, 2017 Duplex400S/DV1521131V158213112
1509, 2019 Duplex350SV1521132V15821329
1509, 2019 Duplex400DV1521133V158213310
1654, 1742, 1755 Duplex400S/DV1521119V158211910
1740 Duplex350SV1521134V158213498
1740 Duplex350DV1521135V158213598
1741 Duplex400SV1521119V158211910
1741 Duplex400DV1521136V158213612
1743, 1753, 2651 Duplex400S/DV1521137V158213720
1844, 2244 Duplex300SV1521138V158213889
1844, 2244 Duplex350DV1521139V158213998
1845, 2245 Duplex350S/DV1521140V158214098
1847, 1849, 1860, 2249, 1550, 2050, 1560, 1563 Duplex400S/DV1521133V158213310
1848 Duplex350S/DV1521139V158213998
1508, 2018 Duplex300S/DV1521141V158214189
1931 Duplex350S/DV1521142V158214298
2652 Duplex600S/DV1521143V158214321


NationalValve SizeS/DDurabla® V7F Valve UnitsDurabla® V7FD Valve UnitsSeries
J-50-M, J-60-M, J-125-H, J-150-H, 60T-3M200SV1821126V18821265
J-50-M, J-60-M, J-125-H, J-150-H, 60T-3M200DV1821127V188212750
J-50-L, J-60-L, 60T-3L, 80T-3L250SV1821102V18821026
J-50-L, J-60-L, 60T-3L, 80T-3L250DV1821103V188210366
J-85-M, J-100-M, 100T-4M 130T-4M250SV1821102V18821026
J-85-M, J-100-M, 100T-4M 130T-4M250DV1821103V188210366
J-85-L, J-100-L, 100T-4L 130T-4L350SV1821118V188211898
J-85-L, J-100-L, 100T-4L 130T-4L350DV1821119V188211990
J-125-M, J-150-M, J-165-M, 165T-5M J-200-M, 200T-5M, 300Q-5M, J-250-M, J-275-M, 250T-5M300SV1821110V188211089
J-125-M, J-150-M, J-165-M, 165T-5M J-200-M, 200T-5M, 300Q-5M, J-250-M, J-275-M, 250T-5M300DV1821111V188211180
J-125-L, J-150-L, J-165-L, 165T-5L, J-250-L, J-275-L, 250T-5L, 300Q-5L, 200T-5L, J-200-L400SV1821120V188212010
J-125-L, J-150-L, J-165-L, 165T-5L, J-250-L, J-275-L, 250T-5L, 300Q-5L, 200T-5L, J-200-L400DV1821121V188212111
J-375-M, J-625-M, 430T-7M(3-1/2), 625Q-7M, JWS-340L350SV1821119V188211910
J-375-M, J-625-M, 430T-7M(3-1/2), 625Q-7M, JWS-340L350DV1821117V188211711
J-375-L, J-625-L, 625Q-7L, J-625-7L, 430T-7L550SV1821128V188212819
J-375-L, J-625-L, 625Q-7L, J-625-7L, 430T-7L550DV1821129V188212919
F-15-L, F-30-S175S/DV1821131V18821313
F-30-L, F-60-S (Serial #500 & Up)250S/DV1821132V18821326
F-60-S, (Serial #499 & Down)250S/DV1821133V18821336
F-90-S (Serial #299 & Down)300S/DV1821134V188213489
F-90-S (Serial #300 & Up)300S/DV1821135V188213589
D-50 Duplex400S/DV1821137V188213710
C-150 Duplex550S/DV1821138V188213821


UnionValve SizeS/DDurabla® V7F Valve UnitsDurabla® V7FD Valve UnitsSeries
SX-3, DX-5, TX-10 1 1/2″ Cyl. (Plunger Size 1 1/8″ To 1 5/8″)150S/DV2021101V20821012
TD-50, TD-60, QD-100 1 1/8″ Cyl.175S/DV2021115V20821153
TD-50,TD-60, QD-100 1 3/4″ Cyl.200S/DV2021104V20821045
TD-50, TD-60, QD-100 2 1/2″ Cyl.250S/DV2021105V20821056
TD-120, QD-200 “B” CYL.250S/DV2021107V208210736
TD-120, QD-200 “C” CYL.400S/DV2021108V208210815
TD240,QD-400,QD-700 *5.50″ Flg f/ QD400 C Cylinder400S/DV2021512*V2082512*10
TX-125, QX-300400S/DV2021122V208212212
5.5×3.5×5 (Threaded Seat) Duplex275S/DV2021117V20821174
6.5×12 (Threaded Seat) Duplex275S/DV2021118V20821184
6x4x6 (Threaded Seat) Duplex350S/DV2021119V208211998
7×3.5×10 (Threaded Seat) Duplex300S/DV2021120V20821208
10×7.5×12 (Threaded Seat) Duplex400S/DV2021121V208212110


WheatleyValve SizeS/DDurabla® V7F Valve UnitsDurabla® V7FD Valve UnitsSeries
P-50, P-100, P-175, P-200175SV2121103V21521033
P-50, P-100, P-175, P-200175DV2121104V21821043
P-50A, P-100A, P-200A, 5P-200A, P-200B, T-230, T-225M/AL/AM/LS, 2S-1M/L, 5S-2M/L, 11D-2M/L, 22T-2M/L, 32T-2M/L, 31Q-2M/L175S/DV2121103V21521033
P-313, 5P-313, P-200-H, HP-200-H175SV2121101V21821012
P-313, 5P-313, P-200-H, HP-200-H225DV2121102V21821025
P-300, 5P-300250SV2121105V21821054
P-300, 5P-300175DV2121103V21821033
P-300A, 5P-300A225SV2121106V21821065
P-300A, 5P-300A175DV2121103V21821033
P-323, 5P-323, HP-125M, 59T-3M, 103Q-3M, 110Q-3M, T-365M, T-385M, Q-3115AM/MS225S/DV2121106V21821065
P-330, 5P-330325SV2121110V21821108
P-330, 5P-330250DV2121105V21821054
P-330A, 5P-330A, HP-125-L, 103Q-3L, 100Q-3L, T100-4, HP-100L, HP-115L, HP-165L, T140-4, HP-200L, T-4140L,133T-4L, Q-4240L, 101T-4L, 217Q-4L, 163Q-5L325S/DV2121110V21821108
HP100M, HP115AM, HP165M, HP115AM, HP165M, 101T-4M, HP200M, T4140M, Q-4240M,T100-3,163Q4M, T140-3, 103Q-3M, 110Q-3M, 133T-4M, 217Q4M250S/DV2121105V21821054
HP-100L, HP-165L, 101T-4L, 133T-4L, 163Q-4L, 217Q-4L, T100-4325S/DV2121110V21821108
HP-160H, HP-225H, HP-250H, HP-360H, HP-375H, HP-600H, 184T-7H, 308T-7H, 543Q-7H
HP-300H, 133T-4H, T140-2″300SV2121118V218211889
HP-160H, HP-225H, HP-250H, HP-360H, HP-375H, HP-600H, 184T-7H, 308T-7H, 543Q-7H,HP-300H, 133T-4H, T140-2300DV2121119V218211980
HP160M, HP225M, HP250M, HP300M, 133T4M, HP360M, HP375M, HP600M, 184T-7M, T140-3, 308T-7M, 543Q-7M, Q-7600M, T-7340M300S/DV2121113V218211398
HP-160L, HP-225L, HP-250L, HP-300L, 133T4L, HP-360L, HP-375L, HP-600L, 184T-7L, T140-4, 308T-7L, 543Q-7L, Q-7600L, 7340L400S/DV2121116V218211612
T4140M, Q4240M400S/DV2121105V21821054
T4140L, T4240L325S/DV2121110V21821108
P-640-A, P-540-A400SV2121116V218211612
P-640-A, P-540-A300DV2121113V218211398
535, 333, 33R, 1824 Duplex250S/DV2121105V21821054
1024, 1324, 7024 Duplex350S/DV2121125V218212598
WBA Duplex350SV2121126V21821269
WBA Duplex350DV2121127V218212710
WBF Duplex400S/DV2121127V218212710
1150, 2050, 2150, 2150-A, WBO, 6050-B, 7036-P Duplex400S/DV2121128V218212810
7036, 6050, 5830 Duplex400S/DV2121129V218212912
1036DA, 5850DA Duplex400S/DV2121130V218213012
WBC, WBD, WBL, 1570, 2070, 2170, 2170A, 2180, 2180A400S/DV2121131V218213112
7 1/2 x 10 Duplex400S/DV2121132V218213212

For over 100 years, TPCI has proudly manufactured high quality pump products, including a variety of reciprocal valves, plungersextension rods, and packing.

For more information about pricing and ordering for the Durabla® V7F or V7FD Pump Valve, please contact us.

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