Durabla® Model V7H (LOW NPSH) Pump Valve

Durabla® Model V7H (LOW NPSH) Pump Valve

Triangle Pump Components, Inc. is proud to offer the industry’s leading pump valve, the Durabla® V7H. Meticulously designed to provide superior service and a long operating life, the V7H is the most effective valve for Low Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) applications, when plunger pumps are starved of incoming fluid on the suction side.​

Durabla® Model V7H (LOW NPSH) Pump Valve

Model V7H (LOW NPSH)

The lightweight metal valve disc of the V7H gives it exceptional service life, significantly outlasting other leading styles of pump valve. Due to its “point contact” with the sleeve, the V7H pump valve opens faster than other styles, in addition to being non-binding, which eliminates any delays in opening and closing during operation. For applications demanding high-speed pumping in rigorous environments, this is a crucial characteristic.

The V7H is hard working, operating efficiently in pumps running up to 600 RPM and at pressures up to 6500 psi. It has a blind tapped deep seat, which eliminates leakage around the stud to ensure optimum flow efficiency in NPSH applications.

Not only is the V7H pump valve durable and efficient, but it is also long lasting; to help maintain its unparalleled operating lifespan, the low sliding friction and inertia of the V7H’s disc helps to keep power consumption to a minimum while in use. Long service life is built into the Durabla®’s design; with proper care and maintenance, your valve will operate as good as new for years to come.

The Durabla® V7H Pump Valve is available in pump port sizes ranging from 1-1/2” to 6” diameter to suit a variety of industries and applications.

Durabla® Model V7H (LOW NPSH) Pump Valve Part Numbers

Gardner Denver

Gardner DenverValve SizeS/DDurabla® V7H Valve UnitsSeries
PQ-2A, PS25A, PG-3, PW-3H,PW-3A TQC, GD45T, TQW225S/DV14111025
PS-25C, G, H, PW-3D, E, F, BLOCK F.E.150SV14111012
PS-25C, G, H, PW-3D, E, F, BLOCK F.E.225DV14111025
TA-3B, C, BLOCK F.E.150SV14111032
TA-3B, C, BLOCK F.E.225DV14111045
TA-5H, J, TA-4B,C, F, G, BLOCK F.E., GD180M225SV14111045
TA-5H, J, TA-4B,C, F, G, BLOCK F.E., GD180M225DV141110655
TA5-B, G, TA4-A, E, TA3-A, TAE-BCB, GD100, GD180L300SV141110989
TA5-B, G, TA4-A, E, TA3-A, TAE-BCB, GD100, GD180L350DV141111081
TA-5A, F, TFE, GD-200-T, F, TAEF, TDEA, TFEA, TAEBAA, T200L, GD250T400SV141111210
TA-5A, F, TFE, GD-200-T, F, TAEF, TDEA, TFEA, TAEBAA, T200L, GD250T400DV141111311
PE5-Q, R, W, X, PT-4J, K, PX-5D, E, PE-5AA, BLOCK F.E., TEE-BFA225SV14111025
PE5-Q, R, W, X, PT-4J, K, PX-5D, E, PE-5AA, BLOCK F.E., TEE-BFA225DV141110555
PQ-2B, PS-25F, PQ-2D, PS-WK, TQWABB225SV14111076
PQ-2B, PS-25F, PQ-2D, PS-WK, TQWABB225DV141110666
PA-8N, PE-5E, J, U, PX-5A, PAHAA, PA-8A, R, S, U, PE-5C375S/DV141111110
PT4-A, L, PX5-B, PE5D, F, G, H, K, L, T, V, Y, Z, TEE-BGB300S/DV141110889
TEE-BAA, TEE-BFB, TEE-BJB (TEE w/maximum flow uses AR10A-68)350S/DV141111598
PA-8W, PA-8X, PAHAB, PAHAC300SV141111689
PA-8W, PA-8X, PAHAB, PAHAC325DV141111781
LF5, FFFXF, Duplex350S/DV141111898
FCFXX, FCFXD, FCFJ, FCFC, Duplex375S/DV14118039
FGFXG, FDFXX, FDFXD, FDFS, FDFJ, Duplex400S/DV141111910
FXFXZ, FYFXX, FYFXD, FYFS, Duplex550S/DV141112021
QAFB & QAFBBA275S/DV141111438
QAFC & QAFBCA225S/DV141112136
QAFC & QAFBCA400S/DV141112243
GD-135, QBX, QBXA, TDDB, GD135QLP225SV14111237
GD-135, QBX, QBXA, TDDB, GD135QLP225DV14111247


GasoValve SizeS/DDurabla® V7H Valve UnitsSeries
3211, 3364, 3364-F, 2321 55T-3M175SV15111013
3211, 3364, 3364-F, 2321 55T-3M200DV15111035
3364 (Same size suction & discharge) 55T-3L200S/DV15111035
5350-M, 5698-M, 2913-M, 3113-M, 3088-M/MS, 2888-M225SV15111045
5350-M, 5698-M, 2913-M, 3113-M, 3088-M/MS, 2888-M225DV151110550
5350-L, 3113-L, 3088-L, 2913-L, 2888-L, 5698-L300SV151110989
5350-L, 3113-L, 3088-L, 2913-L, 2888-L, 5698-L300DV151111080
3467, 3580275S/DV15111087
3580 (Old Style) Ser. #32492 & Down225S/DV15111066
3466, 3581, 3868, 3968350S/DV151111298
3582, 3969, 3670, 3869 (Serial #33036 & Down)400S/DV151111710
3583, 3774, 5884, Q-350-2, Q350-5H T200-2225S/DV151110736
3671, 3673, 5885WS, 3776WS, 3673WS400S/DV151111910
3672, 3670 (Serial #33037 & Up)300S/DV151110989
3775, 5885, T-450-3,Q-350-3, 350Q-5M, T200-3, T250-M350SV151111298
3775, 5885, T-450-3,Q-350-3, 350Q-5M, T200-3, T250-M350DV151111390
3776, 5886, Q350-4, 350Q-5L, T200-4, T250-L400SV151111910
3776, 5886, Q350-4, 350Q-5L, T200-4, T250-L400DV151112011
601, 602 Simplex250S/DV15111306
1507, 2017 Duplex400S/DV151113112
1509, 2019 Duplex350SV15111329
1509, 2019 Duplex400DV151113310
1654, 1742, 1755 Duplex400S/DV151111910
1740 Duplex350SV151113498
1740 Duplex350DV151113598
1741 Duplex400SV151111910
1741 Duplex400DV151113612
1743, 1753, 2651 Duplex400S/DV151113720
1844, 2244 Duplex300SV151113889
1844, 2244 Duplex350DV151113998
1845, 2245 Duplex350S/DV151114098
1847, 1849, 1860, 2249, 1550, 2050, 1560, 1563 Duplex400S/DV151113310
1848 Duplex350S/DV151113998
1508, 2018 Duplex300S/DV151114189
1931 Duplex350S/DV151114298
2652 Duplex600S/DV151114321


NationalValve SizeS/DDurabla® V7H Valve UnitsSeries
J-50-M, J-60-M, J-125-H, J-150-H, 60T-3M200SV18111265
J-50-M, J-60-M, J-125-H, J-150-H, 60T-3M200DV181112750
J-50-L, J-60-L, 60T-3L, 80T-3L250SV18111026
J-50-L, J-60-L, 60T-3L, 80T-3L250DV181110366
J-85-M, J-100-M, 100T-4M 130T-4M250SV18111026
J-85-M, J-100-M, 100T-4M 130T-4M250DV181110366
J-85-L, J-100-L, 100T-4L 130T-4L350SV181111898
J-85-L, J-100-L, 100T-4L 130T-4L350DV181111990
J-125-M, J-150-M, J-165-M, 165T-5M J-200-M, 200T-5M, 300Q-5M, J-250-M, J-275-M, 250T-5M300SV181111089
J-125-M, J-150-M, J-165-M, 165T-5M J-200-M, 200T-5M, 300Q-5M, J-250-M, J-275-M, 250T-5M300DV181111180
J-125-L, J-150-L, J-165-L, 165T-5L, J-250-L, J-275-L, 250T-5L, 300Q-5L, 200T-5L, J-200-L400SV181112010
J-125-L, J-150-L, J-165-L, 165T-5L, J-250-L, J-275-L, 250T-5L, 300Q-5L, 200T-5L, J-200-L400DV181112111
J-375-M, J-625-M, 430T-7M(3-1/2), 625Q-7M, JWS-340L350SV181111910
J-375-M, J-625-M, 430T-7M(3-1/2), 625Q-7M, JWS-340L350DV181111711
J-375-L, J-625-L, 625Q-7L, J-625-7L, 430T-7L550SV181112819
J-375-L, J-625-L, 625Q-7L, J-625-7L, 430T-7L550DV181112919
F-15-L, F-30-S175S/DV18111313
F-30-L, F-60-S (Serial #500 & Up)250S/DV18111326
F-60-S, (Serial #499 & Down)250S/DV18111336
F-90-S (Serial #299 & Down)300S/DV181113489
F-90-S (Serial #300 & Up)300S/DV181113589
D-50 Duplex400S/DV181113710
C-150 Duplex550S/DV181113821


UnionValve SizeS/DDurabla® V7H Valve UnitsSeries
SX-3, DX-5, TX-10 1 1/2″ Cyl. (Plunger Size 1 1/8″ To 1 5/8″)150S/DV20111012
TD-50, TD-60, QD-100 1 1/8″ Cyl.175S/DV20111153
TD-50,TD-60, QD-100 1 3/4″ Cyl.200S/DV20111045
TD-50, TD-60, QD-100 2 1/2″ Cyl.250S/DV20111056
TD-120, QD-200 “B” CYL.250S/DV201110736
TD-120, QD-200 “C” CYL.400S/DV201110815
TD240,QD-400,QD-700 *5.50″ Flg f/ QD400 C Cylinder400S/DV2011512*10
TX-125, QX-300400S/DV201112212
5.5×3.5×5 (Threaded Seat) Duplex275S/DV20111174
6.5×12 (Threaded Seat) Duplex275S/DV20111184
6x4x6 (Threaded Seat) Duplex350S/DV201111998
7×3.5×10 (Threaded Seat) Duplex300S/DV20111208
10×7.5×12 (Threaded Seat) Duplex400S/DV201112110


WheatleyValve SizeS/DDurabla® V7H Valve UnitsSeries
P-50, P-100, P-175, P-200175SV21111033
P-50, P-100, P-175, P-200175DV21111043
P-50A, P-100A, P-200A, 5P-200A, P-200B, T-230, T-225M/AL/AM/LS, 2S-1M/L, 5S-2M/L, 11D-2M/L, 22T-2M/L, 32T-2M/L, 31Q-2M/L175S/DV21111033
P-313, 5P-313, P-200-H, HP-200-H175SV21111012
P-313, 5P-313, P-200-H, HP-200-H225DV21111025
P-300, 5P-300250SV21111054
P-300, 5P-300175DV21111033
P-300A, 5P-300A225SV21111065
P-300A, 5P-300A175DV21111033
P-323, 5P-323, HP-125M, 59T-3M, 103Q-3M, 110Q-3M, T-365M, T-385M, Q-3115AM/MS225S/DV21111065
P-330, 5P-330325SV21111108
P-330, 5P-330250DV21111054
P-330A, 5P-330A, HP-125-L, 103Q-3L, 100Q-3L, T100-4, HP-100L, HP-115L, HP-165L, T140-4, HP-200L, T-4140L,133T-4L, Q-4240L, 101T-4L, 217Q-4L, 163Q-5L325S/DV21111108
HP100M, HP115AM, HP165M, HP115AM, HP165M, 101T-4M, HP200M, T4140M, Q-4240M, T100-3,163Q4M, T140-3, 103Q-3M, 110Q-3M, 133T-4M, 217Q4M250S/DV21111054
HP-100L, HP-165L, 101T-4L, 133T-4L, 163Q-4L, 217Q-4L, T100-4325S/DV21111108
HP-160H, HP-225H, HP-250H, HP-360H, HP-375H, HP-600H, 184T-7H, 308T-7H, 543Q-7H, HP-300H, 133T-4H, T140-2300SV211111889
HP-160H, HP-225H, HP-250H, HP-360H, HP-375H, HP-600H, 184T-7H, 308T-7H, 543Q-7H, HP-300H, 133T-4H, T140-2300DV211111980
HP160M, HP225M, HP250M, HP300M, 133T4M, HP360M, HP375M, HP600M, 184T-7M, T140-3, 308T-7M, 543Q-7M, Q-7600M, T-7340M300S/DV211111398
HP-160L, HP-225L, HP-250L, HP-300L, 133T4L, HP-360L, HP-375L, HP-600L, 184T-7L, T140-4, 308T-7L, 543Q-7L, Q-7600L, 7340L400S/DV211111612
T4140M, Q4240M400S/DV21111054
T4140L, T4240L325S/DV21111108
P-640-A, P-540-A400SV211111612
P-640-A, P-540-A300DV211111398
535, 333, 33R, 1824 Duplex250S/DV21111054
1024, 1324, 7024 Duplex350S/DV211112598
WBA Duplex350SV21111269
WBA Duplex350DV211112710
WBF Duplex400S/DV211112710
1150, 2050, 2150, 2150-A, WBO, 6050-B, 7036-P Duplex400S/DV211112810
7036, 6050, 5830 Duplex400S/DV211112912
1036DA, 5850DA Duplex400S/DV211113012
WBC, WBD, WBL, 1570, 2070, 2170, 2170A, 2180, 2180A400S/DV211113112
7 1/2 x 10 Duplex400S/DV211113212

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