Durabla® Valve Components

Durabla® Valve Components

Designed for supreme operating efficiency and a long service life, our Durabla® pump valves consist of several key components. Understanding the form and function of each part will help you stay on top of routine maintenance to keep your pump running for years to come.

Durabla® Model V7F Pump Valve

Model V7F

The components you will find in every Durabla® valve include:

Self-Locking Nut – The corrosion-resistant locknut, unique to the Durabla® valve, has close tolerance threads and provides positive, secure assembly of the entire unit.

Retainer – The Durabla® valve has a drop-on 316 Stainless Steel guard retainer that houses one or two springs and speeds up valve assembly and disassembly.

Stud or Bolt – The “V” taperlock 316 Stainless Steel stud/bolt involves simple installation and provides rigid alignment of the sleeve and disc.

Sleeve – The Durabla® valve’s 316 Stainless Steel sleeve protects the stud while providing a polished surface to contact the disc. The sleeve endures a lot of wear but is inexpensive and easily replaced, requiring only a one-piece assembly with the retainer.

Spring – The spring can be mounted on the inside or outside of the valve member depending on NPSH and valve style. Springs are made of 316 Stainless Steel or Inconel upon request.

Valve Plates – The Durabla® valve comes standard with a 316 Stainless Steel or Delrin plate, specially formed from stainless steel or alloy sheet into an arched cross section, making it the lightest weight, lowest inertia, yet strongest disc available. The Delrin plate, machined from high strength engineered plastic, is suitable for 2500 psi and assures long service life. Point contact with the sleeve minimizes friction and permits instant response to pumping forces.

Valve Seat – The Durabla® valve seat provides optimum flow through the port. Available in various metallurgies for maximum service life, the seat face is carefully machined to supply proper support and seating surface for the valve disc. Where applicable, the outside diameter is machined for press or screw fit to install in the pump port. Some seats may be supplied rough as cast for machining by the user.

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