WG Sphera® Series Case Studies


This collection of caged, stem-guided, spherical discharge and suction pump valves offers users single or dual-spring assisted options. As one of our most flexible product lines, the WG Sphera® (Patent Pending) Series is used regularly in a wide variety of different applications and environments.

WG Sphera® pump valves are highly customizable based on customer requirements. Each individual component is easy to remove or swap, and every component is available for individual purchase and use.

The WG Sphera® Series valve has already proven successful in a number of complex projects. Below, we’ve outlined how our team implemented these products in three different client projects.

Case Study 1: National J165L Plunger Pump

A Triangle Pump Components client installed WG Sphera® 10 and 11 series 316SS metal-to-metal spherical valves in a National J165L plunger pump using 2.75 inch plungers.


After installation, the pump produced 3,147 BPD of fresh water at 238 rpm while operating seven days per week for 18 months. The valves were removed for examination after the 18-month period and the technicians found that the suction and discharge valves could have run for much longer without trouble.

The customer normally used 316SS Plate valves with Delrin discs, which were good for nine or 10 months before they required servicing or replacement. Our customer was very pleased with the reduced maintenance requirements offered by our WG Sphera® valves.

Case Study 2: 165W-5L Triplex Plunger Pump

In December 2017, a TPCI customer installed WG Sphera® 10 series spherical valves, featuring the inner Inconel 600 spring. They installed these valves in a 165W-5L triplex plunger pump using 2.75 inch plungers.


The pump valves performed exceedingly well, even under the application’s harsh conditions. The pump facilitated the disposal of saltwater that came up with oil in a fracking operation. This wastewater fluid featured high concentrations of salt, frack sand, and other contaminants. Operating conditions included a temperature range between 60–100° F at 350 rpm.

Following the removal of the valves in September 2018, technicians found minimal component wear in spite of the harsh operating environment. The client was very pleased, as their previous abrasion resistant valve solution only lasted 3–4 months.

Case Study 3: National 165T-5M Plunger Pump

In May 2018, a client of Triangle Pump Components installed WG Sphera® 8 series metal-to-metal spherical valves in a National 165T-5M plunger pump.


Since installation, the valves have reliably facilitated between 2500–2700 BPD of saltwater disposal at a pumping pressure of 1750 psi. During inspection in November 2018—after seven months of use—the valves remained in excellent condition and were reinstalled for an additional six months. The previous AR valves used by this customer only lasted 3–4 months, by comparison.

Triangle Pump Components Inc
Triangle Pump Components Inc

Partnering With Triangle Pump Components

Each component of the WG Sphera® series of valves from TPCI is offered to customers on an individual basis to facilitate customization by application. Valve pricing runs similar to our existing Resista® AR valves with the high quality our customers expect from us.

At TPCI we can handle order volume of all sizes. Specialized production and prototyping are also available upon request.

To learn more about our WG Sphera® series pump valves, please view our technical paper or contact us today.