Among our diverse product offerings at Triangle Pump Components, Inc. is the Resista™ Abrasion Resistant (AR) Valve, designed for applications enduring some of the heaviest wear. This valve, available in two different varieties, is ideally suited for use in pumping environments containing abrasives or small solids and high pressures.


While our standard Resista™ AR valve seats come in 316 Stainless Steel, they are also available in 17-4 hardened Stainless Steel and other alloys. The valve member is made of the same material as the seat, either with or without a polyurethane insert for use in temperatures below 160°F. For higher temperature applications, we provide fluoroelastomer inserts.

Resista™ Abrasion Resistant Valve Part Numbers

Gardner Denver

Gardner DenverValve SizeS/DAbrasion Resistant Stainless Steel Valve UnitsSeries
PQ-2A, PS25A, PG-3, PW-3H,PW-3A TQC, GD45T, TQW225S/DAR05A-035
PS-25C, G, H, PW-3D, E, F, BLOCK F.E.150SAR02A-052
PS-25C, G, H, PW-3D, E, F, BLOCK F.E.225DAR05A-035
TA-3B, C, BLOCK F.E.150SAR02A-142
TA-3B, C, BLOCK F.E.225DAR05A-275
TA-5H, J, TA-4B,C, F, G, BLOCK F.E., GD180M225SAR05A-275
TA-5H, J, TA-4B,C, F, G, BLOCK F.E., GD180M225DAR55A-0255
TA5-B, G, TA4-A, E, TA3-A, TAE-BCB, GD100, GD180L300SAR89A-1289
TA5-B, G, TA4-A, E, TA3-A, TAE-BCB, GD100, GD180L350DAR81A-0281
TA-5A, F, TFE, GD-200-T, F, TAEF, TDEA, TFEA, TAEBAA, T200L, GD250T400SAR10A-1810
TA-5A, F, TFE, GD-200-T, F, TAEF, TDEA, TFEA, TAEBAA, T200L, GD250T400DAR11A-0311
PE5-Q, R, W, X, PT-4J, K, PX-5D, E, PE-5AA, BLOCK F.E., TEE-BFA225SAR05A-035
PE5-Q, R, W, X, PT-4J, K, PX-5D, E, PE-5AA, BLOCK F.E., TEE-BFA225DAR55A-0155
PQ-2B, PS-25F, PQ-2D, PS-WK, TQWABB225SAR06A-236
PQ-2B, PS-25F, PQ-2D, PS-WK, TQWABB225DAR66A-0466
PA-8N, PE-5E, J, U, PX-5A, PAHAA, PA-8A, R, S, U, PE-5C375S/DAR10A-0210
PT4-A, L, PX5-B, PE5D, F, G, H, K, L, T, V, Y, Z, TEE-BGB300S/DAR89A-0289
TEE-BAA, TEE-BFB, TEE-BJB (TEE w/maximum flow uses AR10A-68)350S/DAR98A-6898
PA-8W, PA-8X, PAHAB, PAHAC300SAR89A-0289
PA-8W, PA-8X, PAHAB, PAHAC325DAR81A-0181
LF5, FFFXF, Duplex350S/DAR98A-0398
FXFXZ, FYFXX, FYFXD, FYFS, Duplex550S/DNot Available21
QAFC & QAFBCA400S/DNot Available43
GD-135, QBX, QBXA, TDDB, GD135QLP225SAR07A-417
GD-135, QBX, QBXA, TDDB, GD135QLP225DAR07A-427


GasoValve SizeS/DAbrasion Resistant Stainless Steel Valve UnitsSeries
3211, 3364, 3364-F, 2321 55T-3M175SAR03A-023
3211, 3364, 3364-F, 2321 55T-3M200DAR05A-025
3364 (Same size suction & discharge) 55T-3L200S/DAR05A-025
5350-M, 5698-M, 2913-M, 3113-M, 3088-M/MS, 2888-M225SAR05A-285
5350-M, 5698-M, 2913-M, 3113-M, 3088-M/MS, 2888-M225DAR50A-0450
5350-L, 3113-L, 3088-L, 2913-L, 2888-L, 5698-L300SAR89A-1789
5350-L, 3113-L, 3088-L, 2913-L, 2888-L, 5698-L300DAR80A-0380
3467, 3580275S/DAR07A-217
3580 (Old Style) Ser. #32492 & Down225S/DAR06A-156
3466, 3581, 3868, 3968350S/DAR98A-5498
3582, 3969, 3670, 3869 (Serial #33036 & Down)400S/DAR10A-0610
3583, 3774, 5884, Q-350-2, Q350-5H T200-2225S/DAR36A-0936
3671, 3673, 5885WS, 3776WS, 3673WS400S/DAR10A-0110
3672, 3670 (Serial #33037 & Up)300S/DAR89A-1789
3775, 5885, T-450-3,Q-350-3, 350Q-5M, T200-3, T250-M350SAR98A-5498
3775, 5885, T-450-3,Q-350-3, 350Q-5M, T200-3, T250-M350DAR90A-0190
3776, 5886, Q350-4, 350Q-5L, T200-4, T250-L400SAR10A-0110
3776, 5886, Q350-4, 350Q-5L, T200-4, T250-L400DAR11A-0111
601, 602 Simplex250S/DAR06A-076
1507, 2017 Duplex400S/DNot Available12
1509, 2019 Duplex350SAR09A-129
1509, 2019 Duplex400DAR10A-0610
1654, 1742, 1755 Duplex400S/DAR10A-0110
1740 Duplex350SAR98A-1698
1740 Duplex350DAR98A-1398
1741 Duplex400SAR10A-0110
1741 Duplex400DNot Available12
1743, 1753, 2651 Duplex400S/DNot Available20
1844, 2244 Duplex300SAR89A-2189
1844, 2244 Duplex350DAR98A-5498
1845, 2245 Duplex350S/DAR98A-3398
1847, 1849, 1860, 2249, 1550, 2050, 1560, 1563 Duplex400S/DAR10A-0610
1848 Duplex350S/DAR98A-5498
1508, 2018 Duplex300S/DAR89A-2089
1931 Duplex350S/DAR98A-6198
2652 Duplex600S/DNot Available21


NationalValve SizeS/DAbrasion Resistant Stainless Steel Valve UnitsSeries
J-50-M, J-60-M, J-125-H, J-150-H, 60T-3M200SAR05A-125
J-50-M, J-60-M, J-125-H, J-150-H, 60T-3M200DAR50A-0250
J-50-L, J-60-L, 60T-3L, 80T-3L250SAR06A-096
J-50-L, J-60-L, 60T-3L, 80T-3L250DAR66A-0266
J-85-M, J-100-M, 100T-4M 130T-4M250SAR06A-096
J-85-M, J-100-M, 100T-4M 130T-4M250DAR66A-0266
J-85-L, J-100-L, 100T-4L 130T-4L350SAR98A-0198
J-85-L, J-100-L, 100T-4L 130T-4L350DAR90A-0290
J-125-M, J-150-M, J-165-M, 165T-5M J-200-M, 200T-5M, 300Q-5M, J-250-M, J-275-M, 250T-5M300SAR89A-0789
J-125-M, J-150-M, J-165-M, 165T-5M J-200-M, 200T-5M, 300Q-5M, J-250-M, J-275-M, 250T-5M300DAR80A-0180
J-125-L, J-150-L, J-165-L, 165T-5L, J-250-L, J-275-L, 250T-5L, 300Q-5L, 200T-5L, J-200-L400SAR10A-1910
J-125-L, J-150-L, J-165-L, 165T-5L, J-250-L, J-275-L, 250T-5L, 300Q-5L, 200T-5L, J-200-L400DAR11A-0411
J-375-M, J-625-M, 430T-7M(3-1/2), 625Q-7M, JWS-340L350SAR10A-1910
J-375-M, J-625-M, 430T-7M(3-1/2), 625Q-7M, JWS-340L350DAR11A-0411
J-375-L, J-625-L, 625Q-7L, J-625-7L, 430T-7L550SNot Available19
J-375-L, J-625-L, 625Q-7L, J-625-7L, 430T-7L550DNot Available19
F-15-L, F-30-S175S/DAR03A-083
F-30-L, F-60-S (Serial #500 & Up)250S/DAR06A-106
F-60-S, (Serial #499 & Down)250S/DAR06A-116
F-90-S (Serial #299 & Down)300S/DAR89A-0389
F-90-S (Serial #300 & Up)300S/DAR89A-0489
D-50 Duplex400S/DAR10A-0110
C-150 Duplex550S/DNot Available21


UnionValve SizeS/DAbrasion Resistant Stainless Steel Valve UnitsSeries
SX-3, DX-5, TX-10 1 1/2″ Cyl. (Plunger Size 1 1/8″ To 1 5/8″)150S/DAR02A-122
TD-50, TD-60, QD-100 1 1/8″ Cyl.175S/DAR03A-123
TD-50,TD-60, QD-100 1 3/4″ Cyl.200S/DAR05A-295
TD-50, TD-60, QD-100 2 1/2″ Cyl.250S/DAR06A-216
TD-120, QD-200 “B” CYL.250S/DAR36A-1836
TD-120, QD-200 “C” CYL.400S/DAR15A-0115
TD240,QD-400,QD-700 *5.50″ Flg f/ QD400 C Cylinder400S/DAR10A-5010
TX-125, QX-300400S/DNot Available12
TX-150L525S/DNot Available25
5.5×3.5×5 (Threaded Seat) Duplex275S/DAR04A-084
6.5×12 (Threaded Seat) Duplex275S/DAR04A-094
6x4x6 (Threaded Seat) Duplex350S/DAR98A-0498
7×3.5×10 (Threaded Seat) Duplex300S/DAR08A-148
10×7.5×12 (Threaded Seat) Duplex400S/DAR10A-3810


WheatleyValve SizeS/DAbrasion Resistant Stainless Steel Valve UnitsSeries
P-50, P-100, P-175, P-200175SAR03A-043
P-50, P-100, P-175, P-200175DAR03A-033
P-50A, P-100A, P-200A, 5P-200A, P-200B, T-230, T-225M/AL/AM/LS, 2S-1M/L, 5S-2M/L, 11D-2M/L, 22T-2M/L, 32T-2M/L, 31Q-2M/L175S/DAR03A-043
P-313, 5P-313, P-200-H, HP-200-H175SAR02A-182
P-313, 5P-313, P-200-H, HP-200-H225DAR05A-345
P-300, 5P-300250SAR04A-024
P-300, 5P-300175DAR03A-043
P-300A, 5P-300A225SAR05A-135
P-300A, 5P-300A175DAR03A-043
P-323, 5P-323, HP-125M, 59T-3M, 103Q-3M, 110Q-3M, T-365M, T-385M, Q-3115AM/MS225S/DAR05A-135
P-330, 5P-330325SAR08A-098
P-330, 5P-330250DAR04A-024
P-330A, 5P-330A, HP-125-L, 103Q-3L, 100Q-3L, T100-4, HP-100L, HP-115L, HP-165L, T140-4, HP-200L, T-4140L,133T-4L, Q-4240L, 101T-4L, 217Q-4L, 163Q-5L325S/DAR08A-098
HP100M, HP115AM, HP165M, HP115AM, HP165M, 101T-4M, HP200M, T4140M, Q-4240M, T100-3,163Q4M, T140-3, 103Q-3M, 110Q-3M, 133T-4M, 217Q4M250S/DAR04A-024
HP-100L, HP-165L, 101T-4L, 133T-4L, 163Q-4L, 217Q-4L, T100-4325S/DAR08A-098
HP-160H, HP-225H, HP-250H, HP-360H, HP-375H, HP-600H, 184T-7H, 308T-7H, 543Q-7H, HP-300H, 133T-4H, T140-2300SAR89A-2489
HP-160H, HP-225H, HP-250H, HP-360H, HP-375H, HP-600H, 184T-7H, 308T-7H, 543Q-7H, HP-300H, 133T-4H, T140-2300DAR89A-1380
HP160M, HP225M, HP250M, HP300M, 133T4M, HP360M, HP375M, HP600M, 184T-7M, T140-3, 308T-7M, 543Q-7M, Q-7600M, T-7340M300S/DAR98A-3198
HP-160L, HP-225L, HP-250L, HP-300L, 133T4L, HP-360L, HP-375L, HP-600L, 184T-7L, T140-4, 308T-7L, 543Q-7L, Q-7600L, 7340L400S/DAR12A-3112
T4140M, Q4240M400S/DAR04A-024
T4140L, T4240L325S/DAR08A-098
P-630400SNot Available12
P-640375SNot Available17
P-640-A, P-540-A400SAR12A-3112
P-640-A, P-540-A300DAR98A-3198
P-650400S/DNot Available20
QT-630400S/DNot Available12
3P-450400SNot Available12
5P-450400S/DNot Available12
535, 333, 33R, 1824 Duplex250S/DAR04A-024
1024, 1324, 7024 Duplex350S/DAR98A-0998
WBA Duplex350SAR09A-279
WBA Duplex350DAR10A-3010
WBF Duplex400S/DAR10A-3010
1150, 2050, 2150, 2150-A, WBO, 6050-B, 7036-P Duplex400S/DAR10A-2410
7036, 6050, 5830 Duplex400S/DNot Available12
1036DA, 5850DA Duplex400S/DNot Available12
WBC, WBD, WBL, 1570, 2070, 2170, 2170A, 2180, 2180A400S/DNot Available12
7 1/2 x 10 Duplex400S/DNot Available12

Resista™ Abrasion Resistant (AR) Valve Technical Specifications

Triangle Pump Components’ abrasion resistant (AR) valve is ideal for the most rigorous applications and pump systems. Able to pump abrasive media such as acid, hazardous chemicals, chlorine, and small solids under pressures up to 15,000 psi, this reciprocating pump AR valve is the most durable product available in today’s marketplace.

The Triangle Pump Components Resista™ Abrasion Resistant (AR) Valve encompasses a wide array of sizes and is most commonly sold in:

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 17-4 Hardened Stainless Steel
  • We also are capable of creating Resista™ abrasion resistant (AR) valves using other materials for special applications. For an abrasion resistant valve made from a special or unique material please contact us today»

The valves, seats and seals of the abrasion resistant (AR) valve are composed of several materials:

  • Duplex stainless
  • Stainless Steel
  • 8620 Alloy
  • Hardfacing stellite
  • Monel®
  • Viton® – Fluoroelastomer (For temperatures exceeding 160° F)

Triangle Pump Components handles both high and low volume orders, as well as prototyping and specialty production. In addition to these capabilities, we offer CAD design and CAM programming services to reverse engineer and manufacture parts for our customers.

Resista™ Abrasion Resistant (AR) Valve Installation

To ensure the safe, proper installation of your Resista™ Abrasion Resistant (AR) Valve, follow these steps:

  1. Before beginning any part of the installation, make yourself aware of all federal and state safety and environmental regulations.
  2. Safety is of the utmost importance. The pump’s power source should be completely turned off, locked out, and tagged before starting.
  3. The pump ports must be clean and free of any foreign matter, rust, or corrosion. Be sure to clean and dry the tapered part of the valve seat as well.
  4. If the AR valve comes loosely assembled or unassembled, install all o-rings and lock rings.
  5. Place the valve seat inside the pump port and press down with the palm of your hand, making sure the seat is aligned straight and level in the port.
  6. If the valve comes fully assembled with the valve cage pre-tightened, place a short wood block – big enough to cover the entire seating diameter – on top of the seat.
  7. Tap the valve seat lightly with a hammer or mallet. Under no circumstances should you use a sledge or heavy blow of any kind directly on the seat. A properly fitting valve seat will be “home” with light tapping. Pump action will seat the unit precisely and firmly through equalized liquid pressure.
  8. From top to bottom, align the valve cage, spring, and valve member.
  9. After completing the installation, turn the pump over by hand to make sure the plunger and packing are properly aligned without any obstructions.

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