Choosing the correct pump valve for your application


With so many different pump valve options available on the market, it can be confusing to determine exactly which kind of valve will support or enhance your equipment’s functionality. Learning more about the unique characteristics of the valve types that are available can help make this process a little bit easier.

Types of Pump Valves

At Triangle Pump Components Inc., we hold over a century of experience in manufacturing efficient, long-lasting, and dependable pump components used in a variety of industrial settings. We’re proud to offer a variety of pump valve options to suit our customers’ unique applications and distinct requirements. Some of our most popular valves include Resista® abrasion resistant (AR) valves, PlenaFlow® plate valves, Durabla® valves and our WG Sphera® Series of spherical valves.

Resista® AR valves are designed to withstand heavy wear and tear. Their ideal application is use in a pumping environment that contains abrasives or small solids and high pressure.

Resista® AR valves are known for their resistance to clogging, as they’re designed to prevent the valve from completely closing or opening, these valves ensure that there won’t be any material buildup.

Our premium PlenaFlow® plate valves are built to weather even the toughest applications and environments. The design of our PlenaFlow® plate valves involves a movable disc that can go between the seat and valve cover––allowing the substance inside the valve to flow in one direction, and then stopping the flow in the opposite direction. Depending on which metal is used to form the valve, its seating plate can reach different pressures and cycle speeds.

These valves are also available in different sizes––allowing for greater customization for certain applications. At TPCI, our PlenaFlow® plate valves are known for their ability to reduce a machine’s energy usage while simultaneously increasing the machine’s production quality.

TPCI’s Durabla® pump valves come in four different reciprocating pump valve varieties to fit our customers’ unique application needs. No matter which model you choose, our Durabla® valves are known for their high levels of quality and their durability––making them ideal for high-intensity or rugged applications. In spite of the conditions they are used in, they are also known for having a long life span.

WG Sphera® Series (Spherical Valve)

Our patented WG Sphera® Series is one of our most flexible valves for a wide variety of clean, abrasive, hot, or cold fluid applications. This stem-guided spherical valve is designed to reduce disruptions to fluid flow as well as fluid turbulence. When compared to the traditional plate or AR style valves, the WG Sphera® Series offers up to a 44% increase in flow area and a 31% increase in fluid GPM through the valve. Customers can mix or match several available springs to offset the effects of low suction pressure or the pump operating at higher RPMs and the threaded cage with a locking ring avoids issues such as lugs wearing out or debris build-up.

Applications and Industries of Valves

At Triangle Pump Components Inc., we’re proud that our pump valves are currently being used across a wide variety of applications and industries. Some common examples include:

  • Due to their high resistance to abrasive and corrosive materials, Resista® AR valves are most commonly used with substances such as acids, hazardous chemicals, chlorines, and other small solids, under high pressures up to 15,000 psi.
  • Plate valves are ideal for suction and discharge functions in reciprocal plunger pumps. TPCI’s PlenaFlow® plate valves are capable of pumping materials as diverse as ammonia, gasoline, petrochemicals, hydraulic fluid, sulfuric acid, and many other abrasive and corrosive materials. Our PlenaFlow® plate valve design features a double spring, stem-guided style to withstand pressures up to 15,000 psi.
  • Durabla® valves are ideal for pumping substances as diverse as steam, hydraulic fluid, ammonia, gasoline, and sulfuric acid, and they can withstand pressures ranging from 50–6,500 psi. These valves are frequently used in the chemical processing industry in steam processing methods, such as stripping, quenching, fractionation, and process heating.
  • The WG Sphera® Series of spherical valves have the same high resistance to abrasive and corrosive materials as the AR valve. Although suited for many applications and industries, case studies have shown the WG Sphera® Series to be very successful in salt water disposal applications.

To learn more about TPCI’s valve offerings and how our products can help your business succeed, request a quote or download our product catalog.