Industries We Proudly Serve

Durabla® valves, AR valve

Industries We Proudly Serve

Triangle Pump Components Inc. has manufactured replacement pump parts for over 100 years. TPCI is a powerhouse of reciprocating plunger pump knowledge.

For the last century, TPCI has acquired the most knowledgeable sales representatives and innovating engineers. Since 1919, TPCI’s engineers have successfully designed multi-featured reciprocating plunger pump valves superior to those of their competitors.

Triangle Pump Components Inc. has manufactured a line of valves to serve a variety of industries.

Triangle Pump Components’ historic Durabla® family of valves is ideal for high-intensity applications in wide range of industries.

Designed specifically with superiority and durability in mind, the Durabla® valves: Durabla® Model V7, Durabla ® Model V7H, Durabla ® Model V7F, Durabla ® Model V7FD , are built to withstand the most rigorous working conditions.

With proper installation and routine maintenance checks, your Durabla® pump valve will provide unmatched performance and extended service life. These valves are designed for easy installation and require minimal disassembly.

Here’s a quick look at some industry-specific applications:

Oil and Gas, Mining, and Chemical Processing

Durabla® valves have earned the reputation of being durable. These valves are able to withstand: high pressures, destructive substances, and caustic fluids.

The durability and superiority of TPCI’s Durabla® valves are only two reasons why Durabla® valves are frequently used in the oil and gas, mining and chemical processing industries.

Injection Well Pumps

Injection wells are used to pump steam, carbon dioxide, water, and other substances into porous rock deep underground to extract oil and natural gas.

Powered by sturdy, reciprocal plunger pumps, these systems help maintain a consistent flow of oil by adjusting reservoir pressure, fluid viscosity, and temperature.

Petrochemical and Refinery

Durabla® valves are well suited to match the rigorous working conditions of plunger pumps in the petrochemical and refinery industries. These positive displacement pumps operate against high pressures to continuously pump crude oil and natural gas.

Saltwater Disposal Pumps

Oil companies utilize saltwater disposal systems to eliminate produced brine water from oil rich formations.

Disposing of the produced brine water is financially crucial to companies in the oil and gas industry.

Durabla® valves can easily withstand the harsh environmental conditions of this process.

Paper and Pulp

The Durabla® valve is also an ideal solution for the mechanical and chemical processes of the pulping industry, both of which require an element of chemical substance treatment.

Pump valves must be capable of withstanding the rigorous steps involved in dissolving the raw materials, treating them with chemicals, and breaking them down to be cleaned and bleached.

The Durabla® line can effectively withstand these caustic conditions.

Detergent and Soap Manufacturing

The detergent and soap manufacturing industry demands pumps capable of enduring harsh chemical ingredients such as fatty acids, glycerin, anionic surfactants, and sulfonic acid.

The pumps that process these chemicals operate best with low to moderate viscosities but have strong chemical resistance.

Reliability and durability are built into the brand; whether you’re pumping ground water, crude oil, or caustic fluids, the Durabla® valve can reliably meet your needs. For more information regarding our Durabla® pump valves,

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