With recent advancements in mining technology, not only have worker health and safety measures improved, equipment efficiency and production rates have also improved.

mining-and-mineralsBecause minerals must be transported — often across long distances — from mines to processing locations, the mining industry depends on durable slurry pumps to move materials quickly and efficiently.

At Triangle Pump Components, we offer a series of reliable mining industry pump valves to assist with the transport of corrosive fluids and ensure efficiency across all operations including water flooding.

Our reciprocating pump valves and components help maintain optimal slurry flow and support critical applications such as water removal.

From solid and liquid mixtures to high-pressure and volatile-pH applications, Triangle Pump  Components’ durable reciprocating pump parts are built to withstand the destructive substances and rigorous work conditions of the mining industry.

Our reciprocating pump valve components include:

  • Durabla® Model V7H Pump Valve – Designed for low net positive suction head (NPSH) applications when plunger pumps lack incoming fluid on the suction side.
  • Durabla® Model V7F Pump Valve – A heavier-sprung valve model to accommodate higher fluid volumes.
  • PlenaFlow® Plate Valves – Double-sprung stem guided valves available with a Delrin®, stainless steel, or titanium plate.
  • WG Sphera™ Series — A stem-guided spherical valve designed to reduce disruptions to fluid flow as well as fluid turbulence.
  • Fortis MC™ Plungers – Our reciprocating pump plungers are available in metal or ceramic material and are able to withstand both high and low liquid volumes.

To learn more about our reciprocating pump parts, valves, are plungers ideal for use in the mining industry, contact Triangle Pump Components today.