Oil and gas is one of the largest markets served here at Triangle Pump Components Inc. For over 100 years, our products have been used for various industry applications, including disposal, offshore oil, production, injection, feed, charge, steam generators, mainline, and field gathering.

High pressure reciprocating plunger pumps move liquid by positive displacement. Liquid is trapped in the suction chamber and displaced under high pressure into the discharge chamber as a cylindrical plunger cycles in and out of the suction chamber.

The nature of this process requires that our pump valves are extremely durable and capable of high pressures and flow rates while ensuring a tight, leak-free seal, as petrochemicals can be thick, corrosive, and toxic.

Depending on the fluid pumped, we offer valves in a variety of materials and models, as well as plungers, extension rods, plunger packing, and stuffing box components.

Reciprocal Pumps in the Oil and Gas Industry

We recommend the following products for the oil industry:

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