Within the paper and pulp manufacturing industry — a field with some of the most demanding applications — there are two main types of pulping processes: mechanical and chemical.

pulp-paperBoth methods involve some degree of chemical substance treatment, however, which means your pump needs to be able to withstand rigorous operating conditions.

The pulping process — whether it begins with a supply of raw wood or recycled paper — involves dissolving the material, treating it with chemicals, and breaking it down to be separated, cleaned, and bleached.

From the early stages of grinding to the final completion of a paper stack, Triangle Pump Components’ paper and pulp manufacturing pump valves and components are built for every step of the process.

The following products are ideal for use the pulp and paper industry:

  • Durabla® Model V7H Pump Valve — Designed for low net positive suction head (NPSH) applications when plunger pumps lack incoming fluid on the suction side.
  • Durabla® Model V7F Pump Valve — A heavier-sprung valve model to accommodate higher fluid volumes.
  • PlenaFlow® Plate Valves — Double-sprung stem guided valves available with a Delrin®, stainless steel, or titanium plate.
  • WG Sphera™ Series — A stem-guided spherical valve designed to reduce disruptions to fluid flow as well as fluid turbulence.
  • Fortis MC™ Plungers — Available in metal or ceramic material, our reciprocating pump plungers are able to withstand both high and low liquid volumes.

To learn more about our pump valves, plungers, and components for the pulp and paper industry, contact Triangle Pump Components today.