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Crude oil, though abrasive and volatile in its raw state, is the foundation of a number of highly valued consumer goods such as pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and other chemical products. In fact, refined petroleum is often used in soap and detergent manufacturing.

Soaps and detergents are available in three main forms: bars, liquids, and powders. In order to create these forms, a series of complex manufacturing operations must take place to transform raw chemicals into consumer-ready products.

At Triangle Pump Components, our soap and detergent manufacturing pump valves are designed to handle the caustic fluids that comprise these products, including fatty acids, sodium hydroxide, brines, alkalis, tallow, additives, crude glycerins, and surfactants.

Durable enough to withstand the harshest chemicals, these valves are capable of handling a variety of viscosities (as some liquid soaps are as thick as gels).

From the harvesting of crude oil to the final stages of soap and detergent manufacturing, our reciprocating pump valves, plungers, packing and stuffing boxes are built to handle the rigorous demands of this process.

Our reciprocating pump valve components designed for use in the soap and detergent industry include:

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