The latest addition to our reciprocating pump component family is the WG Sphera series of stem-
guided, single or dual spring assisted, and caged metal spherical suction and discharge pump
valves. With its inception beginning on a wine glass napkin, the WG Sphera series valve has
evolved into Triangle Pump Components most flexible valve for a wide variety of different
applications ranging from clean to abrasive environments.

It has been shown that a spherical valve design reduces disruptions to fluid flow as well as fluid
turbulence. TPCI’s WG Sphera series valve is a stem-guided design which increases the stability
of the valve member while the pump is in operation. Stability of the valve member is further
improved by applying the spring pressure over a larger area to reduce variation in the positioning
movement of the valve member during operation. The result is a consistent and full opening of
the valve with absolute minimal inhibition of fluid direction, fluid velocity, and fluid volume when
compared to non-stem guided designs. The result is a reduction in pump vibration and a more
consistent rate of flow during operation of your pump. View the technical paper here.

Our standard WG Sphera series spherical valve is offered in 316 stainless steel or 17-4 hardened stainless
steel (other metals upon request), one or two Inconel 600 springs, a 316SS cage, and valve
members with or without poly inserts. The use of Inconel 600 springs results in a product that will
function properly and longer than an equivalent valve that uses 316 SS springs. Our three spring
offerings are:

  • Single light spring for low NPSH conditions
  • Single stronger spring for normal conditions
  • Dual springs for high RPM conditions

Highly customizable to meet your requirements, each component of the WG Sphera series valve
is available individually. These valves are priced similar to our existing AR series valves with the
same level of quality that you have come to expect from the Triangle brand.

At Triangle Pump Components Inc., we handle high and low volume orders, prototyping, and
specialty production. In addition to these capabilities, we offer CAD design and CAM
programming services to reverse engineer and manufacture parts for our customers.

All of our valves are proudly manufactured and tested up to the highest industry and specialty
standards, including:

  • ASTM
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Certified

For more information regarding our WG Sphera series pump valves, please view the technical
paper or contact us» directly.