A Message of Reassurance

During these unprecedented times, reciprocating plunger pumps around the world are experiencing a shift in productivity. While some industries like the oil & gas industry are experiencing a downturn, others like the soap, pulp & paper, and food processing industries are being pushed to produce more than ever before.

And since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed if and how we work, new questions are being asked daily:

  • Who is working during this COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Are they still going to be in business tomorrow?
  • Am I going to have to sacrifice quality parts?
  • Will I be able to get the quantity I need now and when all the industries ramp up again?

These questions make us a little more cautious when purchasing parts for our reciprocating pumps that need to last and then be replaced when they’ve run their course.

Reciprocating pumps are being asked to do more in the soap, pulp & paper, and food processing industries and may be less efficient or breaking down due to the extra operation. Attaining and installing quality parts are essential to production output during this “get-products-bought-or-get-lost” era.

For the oil & gas industry, now is a good time to do routine inspections and maintenance of those reciprocating plunger pumps and their components to ensure their readiness for the eventual ramp-up (we’ve all been on this roller coaster before).

Recently, many suppliers have faltered due to these hard times so it’s more important than ever to align with healthy companies that can deliver now and later.

Triangle Pump Components Inc (TPCI) has been manufacturing reciprocating plunger pump components since 1919 – take a moment to let that sink in . . . that’s over 100 years! This means TPCI made it through the Great Depression starting in 1929, several recessions between 1937 and 2001, and the 2007-09 Great Recession. How did we do it? Quality and knowledge have been key.

Our valves, plungers, packing, and stuffing components are manufactured with quality as the utmost goal that was started in 1919 and continues today. From TPCI’s proprietary treatment and manufacturing process of the Fortis MC™ ceramic plunger to the WG Sphera™ (Patent Pending) series of spherical valves, this tradition of quality continues. And you just can’t beat the dependability and durability of our Durabla® valves.

Of course, quality can’t be achieved if the knowledge isn’t there. At TPCI, our team consists of people with new ideas/concepts that keep us moving forward and extensive experience (and I’m talking about several with 35+ years!) in reciprocating pumps and their components. And with experience comes stories . . . and lots of them . . . so go ahead – call Alton, Carlton, Charlie, or myself to talk about now & then! Also feel free to contact us for product information.

Be assured, we are here for you now and we’ll still be here for you in the future. Stay safe and we’ll see you soon!

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