Plunger Packing

Packing plays a major role in the assurance of adequate down-stream pressure. The packing provides a seal around the extension rod, plunger or piston. For a piston the packing is contained in a groove in the piston and moves with the piston. For an extension rod or plunger the packing is stationary and is contained by the stuffing box.

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Triangle Pump Components carries the top brand name in Utex® 838 style packing for general service applications. Die-formed packing, for extreme service or high temperature conditions, is manufactured by Triangle Pump Components from the highest grade braided packing material. PTFE, Graphite, and Kevlar® cornered are some of the materials used in the spring-loaded or die-formed style of packing.

Stuffing Box Components

Proper alignment of the plunger is critical to an extended wear life and correct flow conditions. The Stuffing Box Component tolerances assure that the plunger will be in motion at the correct angle to reduce wear and maintain adequate pressures. Triangle Stuffing Box Components are made of brass, 316 Stainless Steel, or other customer preferred materials. Close tolerances are adhered to so that proper plunger alignment and long packing life can be maintained.

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