Questions to Ask When You Experience Problems With Your Pumping System

When problems with your pumping system occur you want them solved fast. Every second your system is not functioning at peak capacity your business is losing money and if the problem continues to get worse, it could result in a complete shut down of the system. How much money would you lose if you had to shut down your pumping system for 1 day? or 1 month? Could you stay in business? Would you need to lay off employees or shut down your business?

Triangle® wants to help you avoid excessive downtime when you experience a problem with your pumping system. When you are experiencing an issue with your pumping system have the answers to this list of questions ready so that the helpful staff at Triangle Pump Components can provide you with the right parts to keep your system operating at peak capacity.

Reciprocal Pumps in the Oil Gas Industry
  • Gauge pressure at tank?
  • Vertical distance in feet from surface level of fluid in tank to pump inlet?
  • Length of pipe in feet from tank to pump inlet?
  • Flow rate (GPM)?
  • Inside diameter of pipe in inches?
  • Type of fluid (water, brinewater, oil, etc.)?
  • Temperature of fluid?
  • Number of gate valves?
  • Number of globe valves?
  • Number of swing check valves?
  • Number of angle valves?
  • Number of 45 degree regular elbows? & long radious elbows?
  • Number of 90 degree regular elbows? & long radius elbows?
  • Number of 180 degree regular elbows? & long radius elbows?
  • Number of line flow tees?
  • Number of branch flow tees?
  • Are the majority of the valves elbows & tees, screw in type or flange type?
  • Is there a suction stabilizer?
  • Inside diameter of the inlet to the stabilizer?
  • Horsepower rating?
  • Pump type (E.g. simplex double acting, duplex single acting, triplex double acting, etc.)?

Knowing the answers to these questions when you experience pumping system problems can save valuable time and help get your system back running at peak efficiency faster.

Helpful Resource

Whether you are working in the field or doing calculations at your desk our Handy Field Formulas Card is a quick reference with commonly used equations to help determine your pumping system’s output. Click here to download our handy field formula card»