The Job Market and Developing Experience in the Manufacturing Industry

As early as 2017, baby-boomers were exiting the workplace and when the pandemic hit, that exit accelerated. Considering that most baby-boomers are of or very near “that age”, this trend will only continue.

Also of consequence is that in the past a lot of emphasis was placed on college degrees in industries other than manufacturing which were generally believed to have been moved mostly abroad. According to Alex Chausovsky, a recruiter with a focus on analytics and consulting at Miller Resource Group, this is not the case. The manufacturing industry has been doing well but, as most industries today, still has many job openings.

Charli Matthews, Founder & CEO of Empowering Pumps & Equipment, recently had a great conversation with Alex about the current labor market, job gains in different sectors (including manufacturing), interesting historical statistics, and talent strategies.

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Charli Matthews & Alex Chausovsky

And while a talent strategy will likely bring in the employees needed, the availability of another valuable resource of experience is declining daily due to baby-boomer retirement in the manufacturing industry. A lot of manufacturing knowledge is obtained in the school environment however, a great deal is gained by on-the-job experience. There’s a lot to be said for learning from the ones that have been doing the job for years . . . and that is what we are highlighting today.

First . . . Charlie Turner, who has over 30 years of experience troubleshooting various reciprocating pump applications, wrote a whitepaper that offers 10 Tips to Improve Operations of a Salt Water Disposal Pump. These are valuable tips to a system that requires a special type of maintenance protocol due to its unique environment.

Next . . . is an on-demand webinar where Bekah Mechtensimer (Director of Empowering Pumps & Equipment), Sam Kelton (VP/GM of TPCI) and Tracy Curtin (TPCI Applications Engineer) discuss Preventing Systemic Causes of Pump Valve Failure using a practical approach to examine the pumping system as a whole to identify and correct the cause of the valve or plunger failure at its source.

10 Tips for a Salt Water Disposal Pump
Preventing Systemic Causes of Pump Valve Failure

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