TPCI Trademark and Patent News

Recently, TPCI reached more milestones cementing our place as the leading manufacturer of reciprocating pump valves, plungers, packing & stuffing box components.

Our WG Sphera® Series (spherical pump valve) was granted not only the registered trademark distinction in August 2019 but also awarded US Patent No. 11,384,856 on July 12, 2022. We are proud to recognize inventors Sam Kelton, Jon Edson, and Cedric Hill for their accomplishment and contribution to continuing TPCI’s leadership in pump valve technology. The WG Sphera® Series spherical valve has a stem-guided design which increases the stability of the valve member creating a smoother and consistent rate of flow while the pump is in operation.

WG Sphera® Series valve

WG Sphera® Series

Charli Matthews & Alex Chausovsky

PlenaFlow® Plate Valve

The PTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) also bestowed the following TPCI products with registered trademark status:

The PlenaFlow® plate valve is a double-sprung, stem guided plate style valve available with a Delrin®, Stainless Steel, or titanium plate and capable of pumping many abrasive and corrosive materials while operating under pressures up to 15000 psi. It received its registered trademark status in October 2019.

In June 2019, TPCI’s Optimus CP® die-formed packing obtained its registered trademark status. Manufactured at our Oklahoma City facility, this plunger packing is made from the highest-grade braided packing materials and used mainly in the fluid end for extreme service or high temperature conditions.

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Optimus CP® Plunger Packing

Preventing Systemic Causes of Pump Valve Failure

TriVis® Stuffing Box Components

Our TriVis® stuffing box components achieved registered trademark status in January 2020. Also manufactured in Oklahoma City, these components are made to OEM specifications of either brass, 316 stainless steel, or other customer preferred materials. Close tolerances assure that the plunger will be in motion at the correct angle.

We are delighted to have these quality products join our other trademarked products and look forward to continuing to improve components to benefit the reciprocating pump industry.