TPCI Packing Pump Valve

TPCI Trademark and Patent News

Recently, TPCI reached more milestones cementing our place as the leading manufacturer of reciprocating pump valves, plungers, packing & stuffing box components. Our WG Sphera®

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Valve Puller Basics

Created out of necessity, the Valve Puller is a seldom-talked-about tool that can affect the bottom line of your reciprocating plunger pump’s overall output –

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Delrin® vs. Sustakon®

Delrin® and Sustakon® are both semi-crystalline thermoplastics that are used in many industries today. In the reciprocating plunger pump world, these thermoplastics are used in

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Pump Starvation Information

The result of restricted inlet liquid flow, pump starvation can be devastating to pump systems. Starvation causes pumps to run dry, quickly decimating the pump

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