Triangle Pump Components

A Message of Reassurance

During these unprecedented times, reciprocating plunger pumps around the world are experiencing a shift in productivity. While some industries like the oil & gas industry

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Valve Puller Basics

Created out of necessity, the Valve Puller is a seldom-talked-about tool that can affect the bottom line of your reciprocating plunger pump’s overall output –

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Delrin® vs. Sustakon®

Delrin® and Sustakon® are both semi-crystalline thermoplastics that are used in many industries today. In the reciprocating plunger pump world, these thermoplastics are used in

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Reciprocating Plunger Pump

Industrial applications that require high-pressure system components often rely on plunger pumps for successful operation. These pumps see frequent use in process technology and cleaning

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We Are Celebrating Our 100th Year!

This year TPCI celebrates 100 years providing quality products, reliable support, & expert solutions. Since 1919, Triangle Pump Components, Inc. (TPCI) has been manufacturing efficient, long-lasting,

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